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Kidcuterie is a fancy way of saying Charcuterie for kiddos! A great way to introduce new foods to your favorite kiddo! And actually because this one doesn’t have any cured meats, it technically can’t be labled as “Charcuterie”!

Grab a plate, I usually start with a salad sized plate – this is actually what we eat MOST of our meals on in my house. It’s a great size for a kiddo too. Load it up with a few of their faves – pretzels, crackers, goldfish, etc. Then start introducing a few new things – maybe berries, avocado. Add in some cheeses cut with cute cutters like these and wahlah! Of course you can branch out from this suggested list, but this is a great starting point. For tips on arranging items on the plate – sign up for one of my classes, and you’ll get all the details!

Let them graze – and don’t pressure them to eat the entire thing. Kids know when they are full, the old “clear the plate” mantra is toxic and can actually lead to poor eating habits later in life. I’m a huge fan of intuitive eating which starts at a young age! This idea is basically listening to yourself – your internal knowing – am I hungry? Not just, oh it’s lunchtime so I should eat. The same goes for while you are eating – enjoy each flavor and appreciate the nuances. Learning to slow down and appreciate your food and the flavors is one of my absolute favorite things about the beauty of charcuterie!

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